class Concurrent::CountDownLatch


Allows fibers to wait until a series of operations performed in other fibers complete.

This class has additional capabilities not found in java or other implementations:

A single atomic counter is used. This implementation is 30-40% faster than using a Mutex or Channel::Buffered on Crystal 0.29.0-dev and likely to be faster still when channels are thread safe.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def = 0) #

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Instance Method Detail

def count #

Current count.

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def count_down : Nil #

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def count_up(n = 1) : Nil #

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def error(ex : Exception) : Nil #

Use instead of count_down. Stores the first error and raises it when #wait is called.

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def reset #

Only call reset after latch is released or after initialize. Undefined behavior if called between use of count_down and release.

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def wait : self #

Wait until count_down has been called wait_count times.

TODO timeout

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def wait_count : Int32 #

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def wait_count=(wait_count : Int32) : Int32 #

Must be set exactly once and only if not supplied to #initialize

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