class Sodium::Cipher::SecretStream::XChaCha20Poly1305


Libsodium Secret Stream API

This class mimicks the OpenSSL::Cipher interface with minor differences.

See spec/sodium/cipher/ for examples on how to use this class.

WARNING: Not verified against test vectors.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Sodium::Cipher::SecretStream

additional : Bytes? additional, additional=(additional : Bytes?) additional=, auth_tag_size : Int32 auth_tag_size, decrypt decrypt, encrypt encrypt, final final, header header, header=(buf : Bytes) header=, header_size : Int32 header_size, init_state(header_buf : Bytes) : Nil init_state, key=(key : Bytes | SecureBuffer) key=, key_size : Int32 key_size, random_key random_key, tag : UInt8 tag, tag=(tag) tag=, update(src : Bytes, dst : Bytes)
update(src : Bytes) : Bytes

Constructor methods inherited from class Sodium::Cipher::SecretStream

new new

Instance Method Detail

def auth_tag_size : Int32 #

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def header_size : Int32 #

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def key_size : Int32 #

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def tag_final #

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def tag_push #

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def tag_rekey #

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def update(src : Bytes, dst : Bytes) : Bytes #

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