class Sodium::Password::Hash


Argon2 password hashing. A modern substitute for scrypt, bcrypt or crypt.

Often used to store password hashes on a server and authenticate clients against the stored hash.


pwhash =

pwhash.mem = Sodium::Password::MEMLIMIT_MIN
pwhash.ops = Sodium::Password::OPSLIMIT_MIN

pass = "1234"
hash = pwhash.create pass
pwhash.verify hash, pass

Use examples/ to help choose ops/mem limits.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Sodium::Password::Abstract

mem : UInt64 mem, mem=(mem) mem=, ops : UInt64 ops, ops=(ops) ops=, random_salt random_salt

Class methods inherited from class Sodium::Password::Abstract

from_params(hash) from_params

Instance Method Detail

def create(pass) #

Apply the most recent password hashing algorithm against a password. Returns a opaque String which includes:

  • the result of a memory-hard, CPU-intensive hash function applied to the password
  • the automatically generated salt used for the previous computation
  • the other parameters required to verify the password, including the algorithm identifier, its version, ops and mem.

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def needs_rehash?(str) : Bool #

Check if a password verification string str matches the parameters ops and mem, and the current default algorithm.

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def verify(str, pass) #

Verify a password against a stored String. raises PasswordVerifyError on failure.

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